Safe Travel During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Safe Travel During The Coronavirus Pandemic

As the Covid 19, pandemic rages on, our lives are in shatters. This pandemic has changed our lives in every way possible. Travelling is in no way an exception. In fact, the traveling and tourism industry has been the most affected sector worldwide. But for the sake of our lives, we need to adapt to this new lifestyle. And that includes traveling too. Therefore, you should know everything about safe travel during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Traveling in a pandemic is not a very good idea. Especially if you are old or have any kind of illness ( covid affects older and sick people most). But sometimes it’s essential. And we don’t know when it will be safe to travel again.

However, you may need to visit your friends or family, or travel for work or even travel for the sake of your mental health. It’s all right to travel when you need to. But you will have to be really careful. You must take the measures necessary for the sake of you and the people around you.

To keep yourself and others around you while traveling, you need to maintain some safety protocols. In this article, I will give you some safe covid travel tips so that you can be safe from covid and others can be from you.

Tips for safe travel during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Preparation & Planning

You need to take necessary preparation and start planning earlier than you usually do. Things you must do to be safe during travel are:

Know The Places You Can Travel To

The first thing you need to know before traveling somewhere is if you can go there or not. Some countries may not allow outside visitors, some may restrict entry for travelers from the country you are from. Same with your research. You can learn about it from government websites and local news.

Check out the covid situation in the place you want to travel to. I will advise against traveling to somewhere where the number of infections is high. Also, if you are going to your family or someone’s house, try to learn if there are any covid or critically ill patients there. Try to avoid traveling there in this case. Acknowledging the place is very crucial for safe travel during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Learning the Rules & Regulation

Learn about the travel restrictions, rules and regulations of the place you are planning to visit. Check out the website and social media of the tourism departments of the local administration. Check out the sites of the centers for disease control. Learn about the travel rules and restrictions put up by the administration and prepare yourself accordingly.

Vaccination & Testing

As vaccines are now approved, try to get fully vaccinated as soon as possible if you are planning to travel. If you cannot get fully vaccinated in due time, you must get tested for coronavirus. If you are not negative, do not travel & be a spreader. And if you are negative, you can travel. Also, keeping a copy of your negative covid 19 test result with you while traveling can save you from a lot of hassle.

Things you Should & Should not do for safe travel

Photo by Victor He on Unsplash

Follow Local Rules

Most countries have some rules and regulations to handle the pandemic. You must follow these local rules and restrictions to protect yourself and the people around you. These rules may include covid testing, quarantine, masks, etc. Learn and follow health and safety guidelines. Also always follow the social distancing rules.

Always wear Masks

A definite rule or not, you must wear masks. It is found in a chinese research that wearing facemasks can reduce covid risk by up to 79 percent. Also, surgical masks can actually prevent 99% of the molecules you consume with your breath. So always keep your masks on.

Ensure Cleanliness

You must always be neat and clean. Wash your hands with soap and water whenever you touch something or after you come back from outside. Always keep your hand sanitizer with you. If you need to touch your facial area or eat outside, sanitize your hand. Take a bath, wash your clothes and sanitize everything you took outside after you come back to where you are living.

Bring Your Food and Water With You

You should always try to take your own food and water with you. In that way, you will not have to worry about getting infected through your food. Even if you can not keep food with you, always go for warmer food. It is less risky.

Avoid Crowds

Try your best to avoid very crowded places. Minimize your interaction with people as much as possible. The more distant you are from people, the safer you will be.

Mode of Transportation

Be careful about how you travel and what modes you use. The best way to travel in a pandemic is traveling by private transport. Stay away from overcrowded public transport systems if you can afford to. If you really need to use public transport, you must take extra caution. Air travel is possible, but choose an airline that takes safety very seriously. You can take more than one seat even if you need to spend more money. Your life is worth more.

After Returning From A Trip


Well now that you know the basics of the safety measures you can and must take during or before traveling, it comes down to coming back safely. Especially if the trip includes multiple days, you will need to take some extra steps after you come back.

The best and most important thing you should do after returning from a trip is to self-quarantine for up to 14 days. If it’s not convenient for you, get tested for covid-19. Always remember, spending a bit more money or going through a bit more hassle to ensure you and other people’s safety is always worth it.

By, Mahin Al Mohaiminul

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